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A Certain Magic

I generally don't have any difficulty coming up with the hero and heroine for my romances, be they futuristic, fantasy or historical. The secondary characters, however, sometimes pose a bit of a problem. In my May 1995 fantasy romance, A CERTAIN MAGIC, I initially faced that dilemma with the dragons I wished to include. I didn't want them to be token characters, placed in the plot just to lend the appropriate "fantasy" feel. I wanted them to be an integral part of the story, to interact and drive my hero and heroine onward.

Enter Franklin, my English cocker spaniel. Though I bought him for my son as a birthday present, the adorable puppy immediately bonded with me (and I do mean bond)! It probably had something to do with "Mommy" being around all day, feeding him, taking him out, etc. Well, Franklin was loving, devoted and constantly underfoot. I tripped over him every time I turned around. I couldn't go to the bathroom in privacy. He did, however, provide the perfect inspiration for my dragons.

Thanks to Franklin's awkward, good-hearted, loving devotedness, I came up with the idea for Paddy, my baby dragon. Black of scale, bejeweled of eyes, and with a long tail that was constantly slapping into everything, he quickly became a strong secondary "character" and integral presence. He also quickly became an irritating nuisance to Alena, my warrior heroine, to whom Paddy immediately and eternally bonded. As you may imagine, Alena soon finds she has more problems on her hands than the coaxing of a reluctant sorcerer out of exile to aid her in the rescue of her partner. But then, who ever said life was simple? Certainly not Alena, or Galen, the handsome heroic sorcerer in question.

Besides the May release of A CERTAIN MAGIC, this year will see the reissue of my first futuristic romance, The Knowing Crystal, in March, and my sixth futuristic romance, Firestone (Pinnacle Books) in September. In the meantime, write me at: P.O. Box 62365, Colorado Springs, CO 80962 if you'd like an excerpted flyer for A CERTAIN MAGIC. Happy Reading!

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