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Simone Elkeles

Genre: Contemporary Young Adult, Young Adult

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Finishing a series is bittersweet. It’s actually more than that for me - it’s kind of heartbreaking and devastating. What do I do when characters I’ve written have become part of me – like family? How can I just say goodbye to them and move on? I don’t know. When I wrote Alex Fuentes and Brittany Ellis’s story in Perfect Chemistry, I knew it was the Book of my Heart. Their story seeped into my soul and I knew it was something special.

The success of the book made me so happy, because I knew whoever read the book would get the same feelings I had while I wrote it. They laugh, they cry, they can’t help but re-read their favorite parts. I was so excited when my editor Emily Easton said she’d love for me to write Carlos and Luis’s stories so all three Fuentes brothers could have their own books in the series. Writing Carlos’s story in Rules of Attraction was so fun – Carlos is a bad boy to the core and loves getting into trouble. He’s also got an ego a mile wide and I loved bringing that ego down a peg or two when he met Kiara Westford.

Finally I got to write Luis’s story in Chain Reaction. Oh, man, that was hard. First of all, Luis was a nice boy. I’d never written a nice boy before, so how was I supposed to do it? My first attempt didn’t work. My second attempted wasn’t any better. The respect I had for the series, and the fact that I wanted all of the beloved characters from the previous books to make an appearance were standing in the way of Luis and Nikki’s story. I started writing Chain Reaction a third time and it finally clicked. Luis could still be sweet and smart but still have that Fuentes edge to him. Nikki was a bad girl at first, but in the end I had to make her a girl who’d been hurt in the past and couldn’t get over her lack of trust in boys. It’s about romance, love, brotherhood, and family.

I’m so excited to share Chain Reaction with readers, but I don’t want the series to end…I’m not ready to let go of the Fuentes family just yet even though I know it’s the right thing to do. It’s like leaving a television series when it still has high ratings – you know it’s the right time to end the series because the stories have been told but nobody wants it to end. Hopefully I’ll come back to the Fuentes family in the future, whether it’s in a television series or a movie…or maybe another book about the Fuentes offspring. (if you haven’t seen the Chain Reaction book trailer with the hot actors playing my heroes, check it out!) I’m so glad fans have embraced the Perfect Chemistry series and are as excited as I am about the release of Chain Reaction, the final book in the series. The book is romantic and edgy and hot…just like my fans (and me) like it!

- Simone Elkeles

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