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Yasmine Galenorn

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Witchy Woman


Presented with this description: A shamanic witch who practices magic, casts spells to protect her cats, teaches witchcraft classes and writes how-to books on sex magic, one might think of a character in an urban fantasy novel. But these characteristics conjure an accurate picture of urban fantasy author Yasmine Galenorn's real life.

"There are many different paths for many
different people," the writer says, "It's just this
is the path that I walk."

Galenorn's path led her to pen the Sisters of the Moon Series, featuring three half-fae sisters sent to Earth as agents of the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. The second in the series, Changeling (Jun., Berkley), tells Delilah's story. Contracted for six books thus far, Galenorn is thrilled to be delving into her favorite genre, after writing metaphysical guides as well as some mysteries under the name India Ink.

The genre jump seems like a logical one for a woman who works with an elk spirit that guards her house, who has been involved in witchcraft since 1980 and whose life is immersed in the metaphysical. Add in a background in mythology -- which is steeped in three-sister lore -- and it's easy to understand how the D'Artigo siblings arrived in Galenorn's imagination fully formed.

Some of the author's personal experiences helped provide background and emotional depth for her characters. "I've had quite a varied life," she says. "There was a lot of abuse in my childhood and my first marriage, and I learned about what it was to be knocked around and hurt. I also know what it's like to protect someone, because my husband is partially disabled."

But the author remains upbeat, saying, "It's all grist, it all goes into the mixture and you stir the cauldron and see what comes out."

-- Elissa Petruzzi

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