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Ive always had a fondness for fractured fairy tales. So I came up with the idea of doing a little matchmaking between a female character
who was based on Cinderella and a
male character based on the Old Woman Who Lived in the Shoe.

The Old Woman character, Lord Bannor the Bold, is a gorgeous and mighty warrior who is afraid of nothingexcept
for his brood of 12 unruly children.

Now Cinderella, or Lady Willow of Bedlington as she is known in CHARMING THE PRINCE, might not have been so horror-struck when she learned her new husband had fathered a dozen children, if she hadnt already squandered her own childhood raising her spoiled step-siblings. Willow arrives at Bannors castle with her heart full of romantic dreams, only to discover that Prince Charming still expects her to sweep the ashes and change the diapers. Bannor is nearly as horror-struck by the sight of his bride. He had ordered his steward to find him a plain-looking woman who would
not tempt him to get her pregnant. Instead,
the hapless Sir Hollis brings him a woman
who makes him think of nothing else. His
consternation grows when Lady Willow joins forces with his mischievous imps to teach him just how sweet surrender can be.

When I started writing CHARMING THE PRINCE, I envisioned it as a lighthearted, romantic farce, but somewhere along the journey, Willow and Bannor taught me a few things about marriage and forging a love strong enough to last a lifetime. I ended up laughing and crying right along with them as they learned that sometimes the reality of true love can be sweeter than the dream.

Thanks to my loyal readers and caring booksellers, my reality has been pretty sweet lately, too. The reissue of Lady Of Conquest in December spent three weeks on both the expanded New York Times list and
the USA Today list. I just signed with Bantam for three more books, so Im
looking forward to fracturing more fairy tales for you in the next millennium!

Write to me c/o Bantam Books,
1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036. An SASE is appreciated.

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