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Cheyenne Song

I've received hundreds of letters begging for another story of a white girl carried off by a handsome Indian brave. Well, you've got it in CHEYENNE SONG, a March release. It'll be available in stores in early February.

CHEYENNE SONG, my sixteenth romance for Zebra Books, is a love story about a rescued stallion, a drunken Cheyenne dog soldier who hates whites, a disgraced cavalry officer who hates Indians and a white seductress with a scandalous past.

More than that, it depicts a chapter in the saga of the members of the Northern Cheyenne tribe, who made a mistake and then risked their lives to change it. In 1878, 300 starving Cheyenne walked away from Fort Reno in the Indian Territory, stubbornly determined to reach their beloved homeland 1,500 miles to the north; 10,000 soldiers were sent to block that escape.

Glory Halstead, SONG's heroine, is a divorced beauty struggling to run a sutler's store at Fort Reno. She is considering marriage to Lieutenant David Krueger, who has been busted down to lieutenant from the rank of captain for a past mistake. David hates Indians and with good reason: his wife and younger brother were massacred while David was fighting in the Civil War.

Two Arrows, meanwhile, is a survivor of the infamous Battle of the Washita, during which his family was slaughtered by General Custer's troops. Thus, he hates all whites, particularly soldiers. And yet, Two Arrows harbors a burning passion for the hard-working and complicated Glory. When the Cheyenne flee the reservation, he kidnaps Glory and takes her along as a hostage.

In response, Lt. Krueger and the cavalry are sent after the fleeing Indians, grimly determined that Two Arrows will pay with his life for kidnapping the woman David loves. At the big three-hankie climax, will Glory choose the anti-Indian white officer or the virile Indian brave?

As always, my love scenes are very sensual and the history is authentic. I've even stood on the ground where the action really took place nearly 120 years ago!

I love to hear from readers and have a new bookmark listing all of my Zebra books for those who send an SASE to Box 162, Edmond, OK 73083-0162 or check my Web page at http://

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