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In a grocery store at closing
time a few years back,
Stephanie Rowe was chatting
with the woman working in the
bakery, hoping to score some
free baked goods, when she
learned the woman had been
a bush pilot in Alaska.

Intrigued by how that might
translate into fiction, the author
did some research into what it
took to be an Alaskan bush
pilot and realized that the 49th
state had the kind of "environment
that lent itself to the kind
of hero" she wanted to write --
tough but tender, and very
good at what he does.

Alaska is "the modern
equivalent of the Old West,"
she says, where everyone is
"focused on survival and everything
is life or death. It's an
oasis of this sort of lifestyle that
isn't so easy to find."

In Chill, out this month from Love Spell, bush pilot
Luke Webber has changed his identity and settled into
a new life, thinking that no one will ever find him in
the wilds of Alaska. Then a woman shows up on his
doorstep with a bullet wound in her shoulder and the
past Luke thought he escaped hot on her heels. If he
doesn't help Isabella, she'll die. But if he does, he
might have to surrender everything -- his body, his
heart ... and maybe his life.

"I have a strong interest in both the funny stuff and
the darker stuff," Rowe says. Lucky for Rowe (and her
readers!), she gets to indulge both sides.

After writing in several genres, including paranormal
romance, chick lit and romantic comedy, Rowe
says that writing romantic suspense takes a "different

"It taps more into emotions that rip the soul apart,"
she says, and it "delves into the darkness that's inside
all of us."

She's going to return to the paranormal world with a
new, humorous series in late 2010. In the Soul Fire series,
four men who have been tortured by Death's grandma --
who looks like a gorgeous 19-year-old -- for hundreds of
years must save the world from her.

-- Stephanie Klose

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