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Kay Hooper

Genre: Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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Author's Message

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have begun my career in romance, not only because of what I learned in writing the books themselves but also because romance fans are some of the brightest and genuinely nicest readers out there. They love romance and it shows, from the sheer number of books they read to their passionate defense of a genre that gets slammed far more often than saluted in the mainstream media.

I'm very grateful to those readers for their support over the years. When I moved out of series romance and into single title, I expected most of them to follow, and I believe most did. It was a gradual change for them as well as for me, I think, since I had already, in my previous series romances, included elements of mystery and suspense. So even though my "gothic" suspense novels like Amanda and Haunting Rachel were much longer novels, they were still romances, not so radically different from what I'd been writing up to that time.

Even the next "step" in my career was not too far from romance. All right, so maybe Stealing Shadows was not the most predictable story one might expect from the author who, if memory serves, won the very first Love and Laughter Award from Romantic Times back in the day. I'd made something of a name for myself writing light, humorous romances. But even the lightest and funniest of those books tended to have a mystery or something equally serious underneath the laughter.

So, even though I've continued to move farther from short romances—venturing into the darker arena of cops, serial killers and psychics—any book I write will always have, at its heart, a love story. There may well be a killer on the loose. My hero may be a cop with a troubled past and my heroine a psychic trying to come to terms with very human abilities beyond her understanding. Doesn't that make it all the more remarkable that somehow, in all that, they find each other?

The Wizard of Seattle (Jun. '93, Bantam) This time-travel romance between a magical woman and a wizard is a fan favorite.

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