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Happily Ever After: The Fairy-tale Formula for Lasting Love

In her latest endeavor, HAPPILY EVER AFTER: THE FAIRY-TALE FORMULA FOR LASTING SUCCESS, Wendy Paris, the author of several relationship books, shows single women the positive messages in our favorite fairy tales with humorous, insightful advice on on how to apply them to personal lives. By comparing debut author Laura Wright's July Silhouette Desire, Cinderella and the Playboy, we discovered that Paris's "formula for lasting success" in love is also in adult romances with fairy tale themes. Take a look at the lessons in Wright's first book that we discovered by using Ms. Paris's method:


Abby is a mail girl at a multimillion-dollar corporation, working for peanuts.

Like the prince, millionaire C.K. Tanner has to find a wife. He picks the one woman he knows is not after him or his money.

Abby and Tanner get caught up in their make-believe weekend until something sends Abby running off, forcing Tanner to realize that he'll do everything within his power to get her back…even if that means becoming a real prince…


Abby, like Cinderella, has a rotten job, but she does it diligently without griping.

When it comes to finding lasting love and marriage, good girls—and good hearts—can finish first.

Don't cling to a relationship if things aren't going smoothly. Stay true to yourself first and have the confidence that if he wants you, he'll come looking to work it out.

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