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I think one of the hardest things is to sit down and write about myself. What should I say? Will I sound dorkey? Pompous? Or worse, stupid? It dawned on me how much I share with my heroine Maggie from CLAIMING THE HIGHLANDER. Like her, I've never been very sure of myself. I believe in my abilities to protect my family and friends. I look for the positive things in life and I live to dream.

Several years ago while working on my Dark Hunter series, I was researching Greek culture for Callabrax's story when I happened to find my old copy of Lysistrata. Lysistrata has always been a personal favorite. The idea of women withholding sex from their men until the men stopped fighting. How great is this? How extremely funny!

Medieval Scotland was the perfect place to retell this story. Make it two clans instead of two countries, and have the women of the clans fed up with their men dying. Not only will they withhold sex, but they will no longer serve their men in any way.

What man could tolerate that for long?

Or in the words of Sin, "We are dealing with men here. Men who are hungry and horny. In their current state, they are capable of most anything."

Enter the desperate laird whose younger brother is said to be able to charm Aphrodite herself. An arrogant rogue who is convinced no woman is immune to his charms. Better still, he is the one man Maggie can't resist. But for the sake of all their lives, and especially those of her brothers, she must not let her heart lead her into his arms.

Perfect conflict. And a perfect chance for a reluctant hero to finally realize that there really is such a thing as everlasting love.

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