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Katherine Allred

Genre: Futuristic, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Author's Message

One evening I was watching the local news while cooking and trying to herd children and grandchildren out from under my feet. Suddenly, my attention was caught by the anchor. His topic was “designer babies” and he sounded vaguely horrified at the idea of parents selecting things like hair and eye color, intelligence, and athletic ability.

My immediate reaction was, “what’s wrong with that?” And looking around at the mob rampaging through my house, I decided it would be great to take it even farther. Why not make them polite and respectful? Helpful, even? While we’re at it, let’s create children that actually clean their rooms and take out the garbage without arguing!

Okay, it’s not going to happen in real life. At least, not yet. But hey! I’m a writer. I can make my fictional “children” anyway I want. That’s how my GEPs (genetically engineered persons) came to life. And since I write under the theory that if a little is good, a lot is better, my heroines were patched together by a rogue geneticist who made them superwomen, with a dash of psi ability thrown in to spice things up.

Echo Adams, the heroine in my second book, Close Contact, was created to work for the diplomatic branch of the Galactic Federation. There’s nothing she likes more than arranging parties and rubbing elbows with the big shots in the Federation. She’s a city girl through and though, one who hates animals and children, loves fancy clothes, and spends hours every week getting buffed and groomed at the best salons in Centaurius.

Echo’s whole posh lifestyle comes crashing down around her ears when it’s discovered that her creator was none other than the infamous rogue geneticist, Simon Gertz. Even though she’s never exhibited any sign of superpowers or psi ability, she’s shunted off to the Bureau of Alien Affairs where she’s expected to learn how to kick butt and take names.

Still in deep denial about her supposed abilities, things go from bad to worse when Echo is adopted, against her wishes, by a purple dragon bird named Peri with a penchant for gaudy jewelry. Then she’s assigned to a ship with the personality of a bossy middle-aged shrew, and sent to a planet of technophobes where she’s expected to go undercover to retrieve a stolen crystal containing a powerful alien life form. And discovers she’ll also have to rescue two children in the process.

The only thing that might make the job worthwhile is Reynard du’Marr, the sexy commander of the King’s Guard. But Reynard has a small ability of his own; the ability to detect the truth from a lie. Echo doesn’t dare come into close contact with the man of her dreams or she’ll risk blowing her cover. However, blowing her cover sounds a lot better when she gets her first up close and personal look at Reynard.

With the fate of the entire universe resting on her shoulders, Echo has one pressing concern on this world with no modern conveniences. What if she breaks a nail?

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