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Catherine Mann

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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How many people cringe at the notion of buying a home near an airport, with all those airline take-offs roaring overhead through the night? Not me! As an Air Force wife of 17 years, living just miles from special operations headquarters in Hurlburt Field, Florida, I love the sound of engines roaring overhead. In fact, that window-rattling sound echoes a reassuring "honey, I'm home" refrain for me.

The inspiration for my bestselling Wingmen Warriors novels actually came from wanting to feature aircraft that we don't often hear about in the news, such as cargo planes. In planning my new single-title series, I took that a step further. Folks hear
a lot about Army and Navy special ops, but not so much about those Air Force special ops--the "quiet professionals" who
fly them there, take ground fire to protect them and rescue them from deep cover situations. In Code of Honor, these
zipper-suited sky gods fly to the South American coast to bring down a drug lord working with terrorists.

Being married to my own flyboy also gives me
a firsthand peek into the mind-set of these brothers-in-arms and the lifelong bonds they forge. And yes, often that bonding happens over the grown-up toys they get the privilege of handling. I'm featuring the CV-22, which is a new aircraft, still in the operational testing phase. It takes off like a helicopter, then the rotors on the wings rotate forward so that it flies like a plane. Very cutting-edge, James Bond–esque stuff, with a spicy romance tossed in. The oceanfront Florida and South American settings were ideal for taking my hero and heroine on sultry seaside walks--when they're not in danger, that is!

Captain Joe Greco has loved Brigid Wheeler for years, but he stood by silently while she fell for his best friend, Cooper, and supported her when Cooper was killed. Brigid is a photojournalist, embedded with Joe's military crew and equally determined to stop a drug lord working with terrorists to smuggle anthrax into the U.S. in cocaine. Brigid's wants to dig deep into the dangerous situation with her camera, and she and Joe are shocked when it turns out that Cooper is alive. Passion, betrayal, danger--it all
comes to a sizzling head in Code of Honor.

And there's much more to come. Code of Honor is the first of a trilogy featuring the Air Force special ops flyboys. Look for Blaze of Glory in 2006 and Shane's story in 2007.

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