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Christina Skye

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Christina Skye is known for writing romantic suspense, romance and adventure stories, but many people remember when she was writing paranormal tales. Back before paranormals were frequent bestsellers, Skye turned her hauntingly beautiful Draycott Abbey series into a cult favorite. Now, with her latest book from HQN, Skye goes back to her paranormal roots with the adventures of an ultra-secret group of Navy SEALs
in her Code Name adventure series.

Code Name: Baby focuses on Navy SEAL Wolfe Houston, who is charged with protecting genetically enhanced military service dogs. Naturally, he gets entangled with Kit O'Halloran, the dogs' trainer.

Skye came up with the idea for the series many years ago. "Twelve years ago, I had an amazing daydream about a futuristic paramilitary group from 80 years in the future," she says. "A dramatic story unfolded as I watched these alpha heroes gear up and travel back to our present." While that book hasn't been written (though Skye is determined to write it someday), it served as the basis for her self-described "Foxfire team of ultra-cool Navy SEALs."

"It has been great to give these special men (and one woman) just the right supernatural edge," Skye continues. "Imagine warriors with top-secret weapons that no enemy can steal or hide, even detect. Of course, I didn't say the right woman wouldn't throw them into a tailspin. The truth is, all of these men are about to experience instant chaos as one special woman walks into their lives. Instantly, all their control and logic short-circuit. I love these intertwined stories because they have limitless possibilities, and these paranormal themes will continue in my next four Code Name books, starting with this book."

Readers who enjoyed Skye's last two books, which were not paranormals, won't be disappointed by the new books in the series. "You will definitely see a continuation of the popular characters from Code Name: Nanny and Code Name: Princess," promises the author. "Izzy is back and hard at work too. At the same time, you can expect to see a growing paranormal edge to make these tough Navy SEALs even tougher."

Skye is also incorporating military service dogs into the series. "These highly trained and courageous animals back up their military trainers 200 percent and provide a special sparkle to the series," starting with Baby, the incorrigible runt of the litter. "So far, everyone who has read Code Name: Baby has fallen in love with the dogs," says Skye. "Sometimes I have to work to keep them from stealing the show."

While Skye is thrilled with the response to the dogs, she's equally thrilled that Cosmopolitan magazine is printing an excerpt of her book in the November issue.

(An excerpt of Code Name: Princess appeared in Cosmo's Dec. '04 issue.) As she
waits for that to hit the newsstand, she's continuing to flesh out her military heroes.

"I'm having such fun spending quality time with six buff and rough Navy SEALs with out-of-this world paranormal skills, especially watching what happens when they cross paths with very special women," she says. "In every case, the meltdown factor is immediate. When they fall, they fall hard, and it's forever."

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