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Never stand between a mother and her child. Its a lesson my hero, Cole McGuire, learns in THE COLORADO BRIDE. When Rebecca Taylor takes an orphaned child into her life and heart she never dreams the childs father will return to claim the boy. But Cole McGuire, once considered the town bad boy, returns to his hometown a decorated hero, determined to claim his child and Rebecca.

Cole McGuire stood on the porch, just on the other side of the screened door. His muscular frame dominated the space around him, his gray range coat tucked carelessly behind his holster. She felt as if the ground shifted under her.

For an instant, her worst fears were realized. Dear Lord, hed found out the truth.

Cole, no longer a lanky boy, was a man now, with muscular legs and shoulders, a desperado, ready to fight, even kill for what he wanted.

Hed been daunting back in the saloon; now he looked truly menacing.

She swallowed, her throat as dry as dust.

Rebecca considered barring the door and running. But as tempted as she was, she knew hed catch her. There was no place to go; no place to hide.

She clenched her trembling hands at her sides and rose to her feet. As she walked toward the door, she prayed Bess would keep Mac upstairs until she could get rid of Cole. The less he saw of the boy the better.

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