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C.C. Coburn

Genre: Harlequin American Romance, Series

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C.C. Coburn



Elevator pitch: An uptight, career-minded judge is reluctantly posted to a small town in the Colorado Rockies, where she's romanced by one of her defendants.

What appeals to you about your chosen genre? Harlequin American stories are always heartwarming and based around family life, community, ordinary people finding love. I especially like that the stories have a wide range of styles from rom-coms, which is what Colorado Christmas is, to deeply emotional and all the colors in between. My second book, The Sheriff and the Baby, has an element of intrigue, and my third, presently titled "Loving Luke O'Malley" is a bit of a tearjerker.

Where do you live? Do
you have a day job?
I live on Australia's glorious Gold Coast.
It's presently winter here and the
temperature today is 80 degrees. ... However, I have itchy feet, so twice
a year my husband and I, and occasionally one or more of our grown children, head to our home in the Colorado Rockies. We spend about two months there in summer and three in winter. Living in the mountains is a wonderful contrast from the Aussie beaches, and I draw a lot of inspiration from living there. I'm heading back to Colorado in mid-November, when Colorado Christmas goes on sale, and I have some book signings lined up for Thanksgiving weekend. My day job is writing (and proof-reading my kids'
uni[versity] assignments).

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