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COMANCE EAGLE tells of two people caught in 1870 Wyoming, a unique time in the states history: women were "given" the right to vote, hold office and sit on juries.

Justice of the Peace Crystal Spencer and Travis Black Eagle are torn between their love for each other and their life-and-death struggle with their disparate cultures.

Travis Black Eagle yanked the revolver from her hands, tossing it onto the desk. It landed on a stack of papers with a thump that was as loud as her heartbeat.

She wanted to fling her hands over her head, close her eyes, and sob, but she wasnt going to give him the satisfaction. Instead, she drew herself up and glared at him. Fear poured over her like ice water. The man was a fright. She knew he was a half-breed. There was always talk in town about his lineage. Now he looked wild and savage, as though the veneer of civilization had been ripped away.

His eyes were red with dark circles making shadowy smudges above his prominent cheekbones. Beneath a wide-brimmed black hat, his black hair hung down in a wild tangle, looking uncombed and unwashed. He was broad shouldered, a look of solid strength about him that made her shaking knees even weaker. Yet he had tossed the gun aside. For the first time, she saw he held a tiny bundle in one arm. Her gaze went back to his eyes that were the color of midnight, the devils own fires raging in them.

"Let me give you some advice, Judge Spencer," he said in a quiet voice that was as sinister as his appearance. "An unloaded gun is about as much protection as a gnats tooth. If you want to defend yourself, keep it loaded."

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