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Anita Mills

Genre: America, Western, Historical Romance

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Comanche Rose

A western romance? It was a shocking notion when I decided to write Comanche Moon, the storyof Clay McAlester and Amanda Mary Ross. But I was only going to do that one, I said, and Hilary Ross, my longtime editor, let me. Little did I know I'd meet Hap Walker in that book...

Tough, gentle and funny, Hap haunted me long after Clay and Amanda's story was done. I'd left him with a shattered leg, his career as a Texas Ranger over, suffering from the pangs of his unrequited love for Amanda. The more I thought about it, the more I realized he was too good a man to end up like that, and Comanche Rose was born.

Now I've never been noted for writing about good men. My heroes usually have dark, tormented souls, and it is only after much angst and travail that they redeem themselves. (After Secret Nights, one reader asked me if a miserable childhood gave me these ideas.)

Hap is different. Restive in an injury-forced retirement, unhappy in the humdrum job of a cattle broker, he feels useless until he encounters Annie Bryce, a young widow about to be exchanged by starving Comanches for food. Sick and saddle-weary himself, he manages to get her into the Indian Agency.

Back among her own people, Annie is shunned for surviving her captivity. But nothing can alter her determination to find her stolen child, and when the Army and the government won't help her, sheturns to Hap Walker. Her selfless courage persuades him to undertake a perilous journey into the Comancheria for her.

I hope readers will share all the tears and laughter, disappointment and fulfillment with Hap and Annie. I know I did. In my humble opinion, this is the best story I've ever written.

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