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Set in the Texas frontier, this story is about Luke McCloud who asks Honor Roth, the woman he loves, to marry him but knows his past can ruin their lives...

"Honor, you know damn well that [this marriage] was the only way to keep the ranch."

She turned toward him, feeling a deep-running excitement because she liked being with Luke and she wasn't certain he disliked being with her.

"Perhaps, but I don't like it," she commented, studying him and wondering what he really felt. "And from the way you talked the other night, you did your duty and kissed me and as far as you're concerned, that kiss is supposed to last me six years."

His head swung around and his green eyes narrowed as he studied her. She lifted her chin sightly and gazed coolly back at him, knowing she had tossed out a challenge and feeling the tension suddenly crackle between them.

He pulled on the reins, wound them around the brake handle and dropped lightly to the ground. Her pulse jumped and began to drum because she didn't know what he was going to do, but she was learning she could goad Luke into more action than she intended.

His indifference was vanishing. Or if it had never been indifference, she realized suddenly, his iron control was slipping.

He strode around the wagon and looked up at her. "Get down here, Honor," he said.

Barely able to breathe, she gripped the wagon seat. "I don't think..."

Stepping up on a wagonwheel spoke, he reached over, his hands closing on her waist. When he swung her to the ground, her heart pounded at the look on his face.

"I'll kiss you, Honor, but I made a promise to your pa that I'm keeping."

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