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Kate Bridges Loves Those Mounties

Who can resist a Canadian Mountie dressed in a scarlet uniform with his broad brown Stetson and sense of honor? He's the ultimate alpha man. Quick to make decisions, he likes to be in command and is physically sexy and chivalrous. That's why I find these officers irresistible and write about them in my Harlequin Historical novels.

My early novels were set in the American West. The more I researched that era, the more intrigued I was at how the Canadian West was tamed, especially where I used to live -- Alberta and the Rocky Mountains. Instead of sheriffs and marshals, Canada had the North-West Mounted Police (now the Royal Canadian Mounted Police). These men were bold, adventurous -- and dying for female company.

The Commander (Jul., Harlequin Historical) is the story of the eldest brother in the Reid family, the black sheep who returns to Calgary after 10 years. Ryan Reid was a fighter and a drifter before he left, then he joined the British Army to become a battlefield surgeon. He returns home to enlist as a Mountie officer and seek forgiveness from the woman he left behind. Julia O'Shea wants nothing to do with him, but as the publisher of a struggling newspaper, she must interview Ryan to spur sales.

The Reid family trilogy encompasses the stories
of three intense brothers, all rugged Mounties. Their father was a policeman in Ireland. None of the novels are connected in storyline, so each is a stand-alone. The Commander is the third in the trilogy and my fifth Mountie novel.

All of my research comes from first-person accounts, biographies and journals from the 1870s. Because of my background -- as a pediatric intensive care nurse for 10 years -- I often include medical characters in my novels. They aren't all doctors. Some of them work in emerging fields such as medical journalism or optometry.

The Mounties symbolize everything heroic about the West. Galloping across the prairies, maintaining law and order and taming the land. And because they're such alpha men with strong personalities, their relationships with women are very heated.

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