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Jade Lee

Genre: Harlequin Blaze, Series

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Who better than the fun and feisty Jade Lee to help the steamy Harlequin Blaze line expand into the historical realm? The child of an Indiana native and a Shanghai emigre, Lee seasons the pages of her romances with sexy shenanigans, often in Far East settings. Her latest is this month's historical Blaze title, The Concubine, to be followed in April by the fantasy Dragonbound (Love Spell).

FAVORITE BOOK/S? This varies widely, but at the moment I am soooo into Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden books. If only he got a good solid romance going in his urban fantasy adventure ... . Truly, it's fabulous writing, I just miss the romance!

FAVORITE AUTHORS? Too many to list here. At the moment, I've been enjoying Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld. I went on tour with her and was thrilled to discover that she is as delightful as she writes.

CURRENTLY READING? Harlequin Blazes. Am on a bury-myself-in-Blaze period right now. I went a long time without reading any category books, and when I went back, guess what? They're amazing. I am truly impressed with what can be done -- and is being done -- in category.

FAVORITE AUTHOR PAL? Hmmmm ... it's a tie between Elizabeth Hoyt and Cindy Dees. Of course, Julia Harper is in there too.

PETS? Two cats. One is our huntress, Tali, who brings us mouse gifts after she's ... um ... played with them. And Bandit, the boy who also answers to Fatboy, who watches Tali bring in mice and then goes and eats out of the bowl.

HOBBIES? Racquetball! I play at the highest amateur levels when
my knees don't hurt -- which means these days I don't get to do my hobby as much as I want.

BIGGEST EXTRAVAGANCE? Family trip to Hong Kong. Truth time:
I haven't done it yet with my kids, but I'm going to. They've been
to the Chinese mainland and the South China Sea but not to Hong Kong in a long visit. Why? Because Hong Kong is a fabulous place to shop (among other things), and I haven't felt like I had the money yet to do it right.

WHAT I DREAM ABOUT? Harry Dresden. And the less said about that, the better for my marriage!

I NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT? My latte cards. Just about any time I leave the house, I'm going to get coffee somewhere along the way.

BEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY? My first trip to Hong Kong. I was 7. It was wonderful meeting my Chinese relatives for the first time, especially since they gave me a ton of gifts! I still remember the doll. But more important, I remember visiting the outlying territories, riding on the ferry and a zillion little things that are no longer part of Hong Kong. The changes there in my lifetime have been incredible. I remember visiting a fishing village which has now become Kowloon. I saw what Mom called the "tin village" (shacks created by the homeless out of any scrap of anything) sitting just blocks from enormous high-rises. China is a vast and complicated land where the worst and the best live side by side. And that isn't even a fraction of the changes that are occurring. I'll have to write about that.

-- Diane Snyder

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