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Jasmine Cresswell

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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One of the things I like best about writing novels is that I get to explore all sorts of ideas and problems in my books that I dont have answers for in real life. For example, Ive no idea if I believe in ghosts. Most days, if you pinned me to the wall, Id say that I probably dont. But Ive had the good fortune to travel a lot in Europe and Asia, so Ive seen some wonderful ancient buildings that stretch far back into human history. There are a few old houses, castles, temples and churches where even a semi-skeptic like me cant avoid feeling the weight of past lives crowding against the present. In those places, I become a believer.

THE CONSPIRACY started out as a romantic thriller, set against a background of international mayhem and treachery right inside Americas own State Department. Since Ive been writing suspense for several years now,
I know that the rules for the genre are quite clear: no introducing paranormal elements into the fast-paced action of an international thriller. But Verity Marlowe, my supposedly rational heroine, began having frequent conversations with the ghost of her dead husband, Sam.

Whats more, even though Verity herself was having lots of doubts about whether or not her visions were real, I didnt have any doubts whatsoever! While I was writing this book, I was completely convinced that Sam was real, and that hed come back in order to make sure that his wife would find her own happy-ever-after ending.

Im happy to report that she does!

Jasmine Cresswell is the award-winning, bestselling author of more than 50 novels. Shes nominated for RTs Career Achievement award this year, and her novel The Refuge is also nominated for a Reviewers Choice award. This month, also look for HIS BROTHERS FIANCIE from Harlequin. Visit Jasmines website:

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