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Susan Grant

Book Title: CONTACT
Genre: General Science Fiction, Science Fiction

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Author's Message

"He was tall, dark and… alien."

Make CONTACT with Susan Grant's first romantic suspense!

Susan Grant's latest, CONTACT, tells the story of Jordan Cady, an airline pilot and a hardworking single mom. On a trans-Pacific flight, her 747 is hijacked… by a UFO. The only one she can trust
is a member of the mysterious craft's crew—a former POW who has closed himself off emotionally to avoid his painful past. Now these two star-crossed lovers are torn between duty and destiny.

"CONTACT, more so than my other books, was both a labor of love and gut-wrenching emotion to write, as it's the story of a hijacking, and I'm an airline pilot for United," says Susan. "When I began writing this story on September 6, never in my worst nightmares did I imagine what events would unfold five days later. On September 11, I was home, thank God, writing the first tense minutes of the hijacking scene when a pilot friend called and said, 'Sue, turn on the TV.' My life, like everyone else's, changed forever.

"When we airline pilots climbed back into the cockpits of our jets the next week, it was without the attention and fanfare surrounding the brave firefighters and policemen. But it was up to us to rebuild the public's confidence in flying, and to keep world commerce rolling by getting tourists and business travelers to their destinations. I'll never forget the apprehension etched on faces of 40-year-veteran flight attendants, or the sight of a heavy, sharp crash ax sitting in the cockpit within hand's reach…

"Here I was, writing what my publisher calls my breakout book, my first romantic suspense, an aviation thriller, in the aftermath of the worst air terror ever. I can't tell you how many times I pondered putting this book aside and doing a romantic comedy. But I didn't. Instead, I used CONTACT as a personal vehicle of healing, and a way to show my readers just how competent and courageous their airline crews are. And, maybe most of all, I kept writing to be able to entertain, which we seem to need now more than ever."

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