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Troublemakers start early, as you can see from the excerpt from COOPER'S WIFE, my newest Harlequin Historical.

Oh, Papa, this is the baddest thing Ive ever done.

She flew into his arms before he could react, and Cooper held her good and tight, relishing the rare moment. Katie never cried like this, always declaring herself too tough.

His chest tightened. So many childhood troubles. He dug a handkerchief from his shirt pocket. All this crying isnt going to solve a thing.

Oh, Papa. Katie blew, wiped, then refolded the hanky. Theres only one thing to do.

Just one thing to fix the baddest thing youve ever done? He tried to coax a smile from that serious mouth. And failed.

You have to marry he I wrote a letter and asked Mrs. Bauer to come here.

You what?

Maisie needs a mama. She needs one real bad.

Cooper deposited Katie on the floor and bolted up from the chair. He hit the ground pacing. Let me get this straight. You wrote a letter to a perfect stranger and asked her to come here?

To marry us.

White-hot anger speared through him. Katie, youre right. This is baddest thing youve ever done How did you find Mrs. Bauer in the first place?

I bought a newspaper advertisement.

You did what? Renewed fury roared through him. You placed a request for a mother in a newspaper?

Katies eyes still brimmed to tears.No, I pretended to be you.

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