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Jill Sorenson

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Surf's Up


An author's life can be full of hard, lonely work, as one toils away late into the night at a laptop. Or,
it could resemble Jill Sorenson's existence: scoping out surfers near her hometown of San Diego -- all in the name of research.

"I visited a famous surfing beach in La Jolla several times, strolling along the shore and watching surfers in action," says the romantic suspense author. She even admits to doing "on-the-spot interviews" in her quest to create the sexy surfer hero from her newest release, Crash Into Me, out now from Bantam.

The evocative title -- named after a Dave Matthews Band song -- was suggested by Sorensen's editor, Shauna Summers, who has another fun field trip in mind for the writer. "The next time Dave Matthews comes to San Diego, I'll have to ask for an introduction," she laughs.

Of course, it's not all beach days and rock star nights. The working mother of two young girls has a packed schedule.

"Before I was published, both of my
children were home with me full time, so I really had to make writing a priority," she says. "I scribbled in my notebook while the kids played outside. I worked during naptime and late at night."

Sorenson is lucky enough to have a real-life (non-surfing) hero at home to help. "My husband was also very supportive," she says. "He never complained when I didn't cook, clean or do laundry!"

Now that her girls are in pre-school and day care part time, Sorenson has more time to work -- and research -- her next release, Set the Dark on Fire, in stores this fall.

-- Elissa Petruzzi

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