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Tara Janzen

Book Title: CRAZY COOL
Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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The historical author known as Glenna McReynolds has adopted
a new persona. She's now also known as Tara Janzen, debut author of a multibook adventure romance series for Dell. "Glenna McReynolds is shelved for the foreseeable future," the author says. "All current and upcoming books belong to Tara Janzen."

And Janzen's been Crazy busy. Her series, which was originally scheduled for a 2004-05 rollout, will now feature back-to-back releases of Crazy Hot in October and Crazy Cool in November, with three more titles to follow in '06. "I did originally sign a two-book deal, and when my editor got the first book and the proposal for the second, she realized there was a real tie-in and that it would be great for the books to be published close together."

Each Crazy book focuses on a member of a group of reformed car thieves who now work for an elite task force known as Special Defense Force (SDF). Janzen says "the guys" are tied together through their shared history: "They grew up together, watching each other's backs on the street, living hard, picking each other up, getting in serious trouble together and then getting back out. There's no one they trust more than each other--at least until, one by one, they find the women they love and bring them into the fold."

Since she doesn't have any military or spy background, the Denver resident says she had to do a lot of research, both of the book and the face-to-face variety. "I love going down to the gun shop and hanging out, trying out the hardware," she says, noting that it serves as "a place to cool out" for servicemen returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. "Most of the guys in the Crazy books have military backgrounds, and SDF, though it's clandestine, does come under the aegis of the Pentagon, so it's great to listen to the men who have really done the deed.

"The other unique part of the books, the amazing cars, has been as much fun to research," Janzen continues. She found Nigel, an "incredibly articulate" mechanic, to help her with the car details. "There is nothing this man doesn't know about muscle cars," she says. "As a bonus, our family rebuilt a Chevy 350 in the garage to help me get the 'car thing' right."--Liz French

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