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Crime of Passion

It's great to have an opportunity to say "hello" to my readers and to thank you for your letters and continued support. I can't tell you how much hearing from all of you means to me.

Knowing that you enjoyed Looks Are Deceiving keeps me plugging away at my computer despite the laundry piling up, an empty refrigerator, and passing up shopping trips and weekend luncheons with friends.

I must take a brief moment to tell you about my latest book, Crime of Passion (Harlequin, November '95). I am very excited about this one and feel that it is one of my finest works. While authors always try to write the best book possible, every once in a while a very special book comes along. I sincerely believe that Crime of Passion is such a book.

Crime of Passion is a legal thriller set in Chicago. When renowned criminal defense attorney Michael Steele and Taylor Quinlan join forces to defend Taylor's cousin from a murder charge, they have no idea of the dangers they will face in their search for the real killer: a high-speed car chase, a burning building and the murky waters of Lake Michigan.

Timing couldn't be worse for sizzling passion and two people falling in love. But fate doesn't seem to care about that. Nor does the killer, as Taylor and Steele discover in the story's chilling climax.

For those of you who fall in love with handsome private detective Hawk Longtree, take note. You'll see him again and read his story in my next Harlequin Intrigue (story untitled).

In Crime of Passion, the reader will find a thrilling suspenseful and memorable hero and heroine and a riveting mystery that will leave you guessing until the very end. I hope you enjoy unraveling this mystery along with Steele and Taylor.

Please write and let me know! P.O. Box 5397, Springfield, IL 62705. SASE please for a reply.

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