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Linda Howard

Book Title: CRY NO MORE
Genre: Romantic Suspense

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Linda Howard Knows The Secret To Suspense, CRY NO MORE

With no fewer than 10 New York Times bestsellers under her belt, Linda Howard has nothing to cry about on the literary success front. In her 20-plus years in the industry, the author has thrived by penning everything from historical westerns to series romance to her current sub-genre of choice, romantic suspense.

Her survival amid the market swings and trends that sweep through this often-fickle industry can be credited to her ability to spin ever-inventive tales that never rely on cliché or formula. "I don't take new directions so much as different stories grab me," she says. "I'm definitely the grabbee, not the grabber. Nothing is calculated, it just happens."

It's a theory Howard applies to all aspects of her writing. She does no self-promotion, few interviews and even lacks a website, yet enjoys a wildly successful career that proves this author is the real thing. A reader buying a Linda Howard book won't get fancy promotional bells and whistles, but she will get a well-told story. One with a strong heroine, a to-die-for hero and, oh, some passionate love scenes, too! Her latest romantic suspense from Ballantine, Cry No More, features all of these, as well as a gripping, timely plot about a child-smuggling ring.

Cry No More's heroine Milla Edge has devoted her life to finding her son, who was kidnapped when he was just six weeks old. With the help of "the most enigmatic hero" Howard has ever created, the timeless James Diaz, a trained assassin, Milla travels to Mexico and cracks the ring responsible for kidnapping her baby.

"Milla is a woman who has suffered a tragedy and forces herself into a life that's alien to her nature, but she makes the best of it. Diaz is a true loner, a man who doesn't relate well with other people except on the basis of fear. But they connect emotionally, and complement each other in a way no one else could."

Linda Howard's talent for crafting the perfect love match is surely one she has honed over the years by being such an avid reader herself. Her favorites are as varied as Nora Roberts, Catherine Coulter, Thomas Perry, Janet Evanovich, Laurell K. Hamilton, S.L. Viehl and Wen Spencer, so where Howard's muse takes her next will be anyone's guess. But we're pretty sure that wherever it may be, we can leave our tissues and waterproof mascara at home.

You can contact Linda Howard c/o The Ballantine Publishing Group, 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036.

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