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The Crystal Heart

My outrageous friend, author Virginia Henley recently said to me: "Katherine, I told your editor she wouldn't be able to use my quote for the cover of your latest release THE CRYSTAL HEART... 'It grabs you by the balls from the beginning and never lets go!'"

Gee, thanks Virginia! The other reviewers couldn't agree with you more! Although they couldn't say so in those exact words.

Fern Michaels calls my new book: "A rich, lusty tapestry of a tale!"

And Romantic Times: "Stunning-for your keeper collection!"

And Affaire de Coeur: "A steamy, delightful reading experience!"

I'm glad the reviewers have given THE CRYSTAL HEART top praise. I wrote the fourth Katherine Deauxville historical with the same Love and Laughter focus as my 1994 CBS Sunday Night Movie smash hit "A Christmas Romance," starring Olivia Newton-John and Gregory Harrison. This TV movie, made from my St. Martin's book of the same name, was rated number five on the list of made for TV movies for the year of 1994, with 25.5 million viewers tuned in!

In my new book, THE CRYSTAL HEART, the roistering young knight, Niall fitzJulien is recruited off the streets of 12th century England to spend a night with a mysterious, beautiful young woman so he can get her pregnant.

Niall, drugged and tossed out on his ear the next morning, vows to get his vengeance. That's the start of a great romance!

A few years later Niall returns as the Lord of Morlaix Castle to find his redheaded dream girl and the son he doesn't even know he had-the nine-year-old boy everybody else accepts as the son of the now deceased, fabulously rich goldsmith.

There's plenty of steamy love scenes just as the reviewers say. And a rousing climax that will keep you turning pages guessing who's going to love-and win!

THE CRYSTAL HEART follows in the bestselling footsteps of Blood Red Roses, Daggers of Gold, and The Amethyst Crown. The continuation of these medieval novels, EYES OF LOVE, will be out in March 1996-my publisher swears!

Before then, I hope to have more exciting TV news for you.

If you would like a bookmark, write to me c/o: Maggie Davis, P.O. Box 37574, Sarasota, FL. 34278-4574. An SASEis appreciated.

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