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After writing four books about the Randolph family, you'd think I'd know all there was to know about the three remaining brothers. I thought so, too, until I started to write Tyler's book.

Before I'd finished the first chapter, I knew I was in trouble. The Tyler Randolph I'd written about in the four previous books was just a mask for the real Tyler. I couldn't write his book until I dug him out.

So I started over. Each day I'd write as much as I could. Next day I'd throw half of it out and start again. Still the man refused to reveal himself. I got so frustrated I was tempted to call my editor and tell her Tyler had died in a cave-in and I was moving on to the next book.

But gradually I began to peel away the layers until I could see the man behind the beard. Oh yes, he grew whiskers and retreated to the mountains. He wanted to build the most luxurious hotels in the west, but his brothers wouldn't give him the money. So he decided to provide his own financing by locating one of the lost Indian gold mines of New Mexico.

Three years later he comes across a young woman who's been shot and left for dead. He's forced to take her back to his cabin until a blizzard blows itself out, the snow melts, and she's well enough to travel.

Daisy Singleton is thankful Tyler has taken care of her after she's been shot in the head, her father killed, and her home burned to the ground, but she wants nothing to do with prospectors, especially not an impractical dreamer like Tyler. Besides, she needs a gunfighter to go after the killers; Tyler's real handy with pots and pans, but he seems too quiet and unassuming to tackle three hired gunmen.

At first Tyler is only too ready to turn Daisy over to her friends so he can get back to his prospecting, but he soon begins to worry about her safety. Her fiance thinks the killers have left for Montana. Tyler is sure they haven't. Besides, he isn't sure Daisy loves Guy Cochrane. And if she doesn't-well, in that case, Tyler has a few ideas of his own.

Harold Lowry writes as Leigh Greenwood. For an autographed bookmark, send an SASE: P.O. Box 470761, Charlotte, NC 28226.

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