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Elaine Barbieri

Genre: General Fantasy, Fantasy

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Dance of the Flame

Tolin, the powerful, pale-haired warrior with lifeless eyes, is chilling.

Sera of Neer, the fiery woman of destiny, is breathtaking.

They are fire and ice, and together they make the Dance of the Flame sizzle!

"You low, nameless cur..."

Tolin turned back to the woman still lying beneath him. She was no longer purring.

Thrusting Tolin from her with a strength born of flaring rage, Sera drew back sharply. Her eyes spat gold fire as she clutched her robe closed.

"You are lower than the lowest mire that mucks the road..."

Driven by an unknown demon within him, Tolin responded coldly, "I am but the man you sought to deliver you 'home,' no more, no less. It was my intention to make you understand, once and for all, that I will honor my given word to deliver you safely to your destination, but only on my terms."

"What terms are they, Tolin of Rall, Master of Whores? Instead of offering my services to that salacious beast, would you have me sell my wares to each and every man of this caravan?"

"My terms would be far simpler than that tiring exercise." Tolin's gaze grew tight. "Instead, from this moment on I would have you as my loving wife before all who look upon us. You will ride with me each day as you did this morn, seated before me. You will cling to me. You will seek my touch, my lips, my gaze."

Sera's graceful brows arched with anger. "Is that all?"

"And you will kiss me upon demand-as you have never kissed you will kiss me now..."

"I will not!"

"You will! And in that way you will demonstrate to me how much you desire to be delivered to 'fulfill your destiny.'"

"There are no words to describe your depth of depravity! Nor are there words to express how I despise-"

Tolin's three words of response interrupted Sera's scathing tirade.

"I am waiting..."

I was exhilarated while writing DANCE OF THE FLAMES. The raw sensuality and power of Sera and Tolin's characters kept my heart racing during the hours I spent writing their unique love story. When DANCE OF THE FLAME was completed, I felt I had provided my readers a glimpse into a world of excitement and emotion unlike anything they had experienced before.

Leisure's response to DANCE OF THE FLAME was so enthusiastic that they decided to bring it to the stores in May-June as a Leisure Books Summer Special Release. They will also run a fantastic radio spot commercial that sent chills down my spine the first time I heard it. The commercial will run nationwide.

Are you ready for DANCE OF THE FLAME? I hope so. It's a love story unlike any you've ever read before. Don't miss it!

Write to Elaine at: P.O. Box 536, West Milford, NJ 07480. An SASE is appreciated.

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