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Julie Beard

Genre: Medieval, Scotland, Historical Romance

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A Dance in Heather

I love drama. Before I became a romance novelist and a television journalist, I was an actress. That's probably why Shakespeare has influenced my writing more than any other author. More on the Bard later. Back to drama.

I love to choose the most dramatic points in history as backdrops for my novels. With my first medieval romance, Lady and the Wolf, love unfolds in the shadow of the horrific Black Plague. In my newest medieval romance, A Dance in Heather, my hero and heroine fall in love amidst an uprising of Lollard heretics. The heroine's father is burned at the stake for heresy, and she blames the hero. And she can think of only one way to solve it-revenge.

Here are some of the other exciting elements I've included: the magnificent King Henry V (picture Kenneth Branagh), his extraordinary victory at Agincourt, the invention of guns and the death of chivalry. That's a lot of fertile material!

I truly love this book and think you will, too. While it includes high drama, there is also great sensuality and tenderness. My heroine dreams of dancing with a man in heather, even though she doesn't know how to dance. She gets her wish. But not before an intriguing plot unfolds.

Back to the Bard. As you probably know, Shakespeare invented the fictional Sir John Falstaff to entertain and irritate the very real King Henry V. Since I included King Henry, I couldn't very well ignore Jack Falstaff, now could I? So...think of Falstaff when you meet my Sir John. He adds a lot of bawdy flavor and poignancy to the story.

One final note. At the urging of readers, I've included a medieval glossary for those who are intimidated by some of the historical terms. So enjoy your journey back into one of the most exciting times in history!

I love to hear from readers. For a book mark, send SASE to P.O. Box 181, Park Ridge, IL 60068.

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