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Elizabeth Amber

Book Title: DANE
Genre: Historical Erotic Romance, Erotic Romance, Paranormal

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Author's Message

I’m a museum junkie and an art history and archeology buff, and my passion for all things Greco-Roman is reflected in my novels, which are set in 1800s Italy. My June release, Dane, begins a new trilogy within my erotic historical paranormal Lords of Satyr series about half-satyr/half-human brothers who guard the secrets of their ancestors while hiding what they are from humankind. In myth, the satyr are the carnal followers of the Roman wine god, Bacchus, so I created highly sexed heroes whose lives are complicated by the fact that they’re driven to engage in a monthly ritual involving fleshly pursuits from dusk to dawn.

They’re vulnerable during this time, and when we meet Dane and his two brothers, the satyr have never been in more danger of discovery due to the fact that excavations have begun in the Roman Forum.

To further cloak themselves in normalcy and entrench themselves in Italian society, they are directed to select human wives. I get to play matchmaker through the character of the heroine, Eva, who is dispatched from ElseWorld to assist in this. But when Dane meets his matchmaker — Eva — he also meets his match. She is the only female satyr in existence, something she disguises. And she has her own agenda — she’s determined to make the Roman society that scorned her mother, accept her.

Both Dane and Eva are troubled by mysterious secrets in their pasts that make them perfect for one another. I loved having a part in bringing these two together!

RT Book Reviews said this about the first novel, Nicholas: “The leading man is the sexiest this reader has seen in a long time!” RT Book Reviews gave Dane, 4.5 stars and a Top Pick!

Read about my passion for mythology and see the photos that inspired this series in my blog entry. >>

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