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Dee Henderson

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Inspirational

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What price would you be willing to pay not only to protect the woman you love, but to keep her safe? Its an intriguing question. Welcome to the book I wrote because I wanted to read the story! Get ready for a page-turning inspirational romantic suspense: DANGER IN THE SHADOWS.

I fell in love with Sara Walsh while writing her story, and it didnt take long for a hero worthy of her to come into her life. Adam Black has been waiting for the perfect lady, and hes just found her. Getting to know her is going to be a challenge. Creating a life together? That may be impossible.

I must admit, I love creating villains too, and this book has a great one. DANGER IN THE SHADOWS is the perfect description of his role in this story. There is a sense of him being just offstage, ready to pounceand when he does, the story becomes explosive. I wont give away his name,
but I guarantee you will be on the edge of your seat, hoping he gets caught before he destroys Sara and Adams chance at happiness.

This is my third inspirational romance. I was thrilled when Romantic Times gave The Marriage Wish a W.I.S.H. award. Ive been told by fans that its a book that requires a tissue box.

Its been a busy, productive summer. Im working on two series for Multnomah PublishersIll have the pleasure of introducing you to Kate OMalley in the spring. Shes the perfect match for Saras brother Dave. Early readers of DANGER IN THE SHADOWS fell in love with Dave, and I just had to tell his story. In fall 2000, youll see the first in a series of military romances. TRUE DEVOTION will introduce Lieutenant Joe Baker
to his biggest adventure everromance!

Heres an excerpt from DANGER IN THE SHADOWS:

Sara shifted her raincoat over her arm as the elevator doors slid open.

A man was in the elevator.

She froze.

He was leaning against the back of the elevator, looking like he had put in a long day at work, a briefcase in one hand and a sports magazine in the other, his blue eyes gazing back at her. She saw a brief look of admiration in his eyes.

Get in and take a risk. Step back and take a risk. She hesitated, then stepped in. A glance at the board of lights showed he had already selected the parking garage.

Working late tonight? His voice was low, with a trace of a northeastern accent, his smile a pleasant one.

She gave a noncommittal nod.

The elevator began to silently descend.

Quite a storm out there tonight.

The heels of her patent leather shoes sank into the jade carpet as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other. Yes. Three more floors to go.

There was a slight flicker to the lights, and then the elevator jolted to a halt.

What? Sara felt adrenaline flicker in her system like the lights.

The man pushed away from the back wall. A lightning hit must have blown a circuit.

The next second, the elevator went black.

Ten seconds clicked by. Twenty. Saras adrenaline made her heart race. Pitch black. Closed space.

How long before they fix it? She did her best to keep her words steady.

A few minutes. Theres nothing to be afraid of.

She wanted to reply, Youve never been locked in a pitch-black root cellar and left to die, but the memories and the panic were overwhelming her.Adam Black didnt understand the womans silence. No nervous laughter, no chatter, just frozen stiffness. Listen, why dont we try sitting down? His hand touched hers.

She jerked back; her hand was like ice. This lady was not tense, she was terrified.

Imafraid of the dark.

No kidding.

He peeled her fingers away from her briefcase handle. Youre safe. The tremors were growing stronger. He didnt have to see her to know she was heading for shock. Youre safe. Im here. And Im no threat to you.

Even as he said it, he wondered what would make a grown woman petrified of the darkand the possibilities that came to mind all made his blood run cold.

I love to chat with readers, and finding me online
is a breeze. Please stop by and say hello! E-mail: You can write to me at: P.O. Box 9498, Springfield, IL 62791.

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