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Angie Fox

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Funny Demon


When it came to convincing consumers that they must have this or that, advertising copywriter Angie Fox knew just what it took to reel them in. But when it came to writing fiction, she fought her natural comedic tendencies because "I thought, in the beginning, in order to be taken seriously I had to write seriously."

Unfortunately for Fox, those attempts at "serious" books only led people to say the stories were "coming off funny," which was frustrating.

"I read Katie MacAlister and Stephanie Rowe, and eventually a lightbulb went off," says Fox, who began writing a book that was just for her about a paranormal heroine who didn't want to be a heroine and a group of biker witches.

"Since I wasn't worried about doing it right, I had a lot of fun with it," the author recalls. "I'd been trying to write what I thought an editor wanted to see. I tried to mold my voice to what I thought the editor wanted."

But it was Fox's true voice the editors, and readers, found they wanted. The book she wrote just for herself became her debut novel, The Accidental Demon Slayer (Aug. '08, Love Spell) and went on to hit the New York Times extended bestseller list. Its sequel, this month's The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers, continues the adventures of reluctant heroine and demon slayer Lizzie Brown. Joining her again are her talking dog Pirate, her biker/witch grandma, grandma's crew and Lizzie's shapeshifting griffin and would-be "protector," Dimitri. This time Lizzie and company are in Vegas, which has had an "infestation of pleasure-seeking succubi for as long as anyone can remember ... but the demon situation has gotten out of hand."

Hitting the Times list her first time out was "bizarre," Fox admits. "I was really surprised. I was really trying to get the word out [so I could] just keep writing the series. Maybe it was just different enough and hit at the right time.

"People really seemed to respond to the whole idea of an older cast of characters with the biker witches," she continues. "Lots of paranormals focus on younger heroines with great fashion sense or very kick-ass heroines who know everything and have a dark streak. Lizzie and the biker witches aren't that."

What they are is funny and engaging -- and they're heading to Greece for adventure No. 3. But before they can get there, there's the little matter of Lizzie needing to get her demon slayer license, a fight in Vegas and, well, that manual for demon slayers Lizzie's writing.

-- Faygie Levy

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