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Madeline Hunter

Genre: Regency Period, England, Historical Romance

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Imagine if you will that you are a writer, and in the course of writing a book a character shows up. He just emerges during the process, unplanned. He is not especially likable on first meeting. He is too shrewd, too conceited, too self-absorbed, and too proud of his badness. He is apt to do things on the page that none of your characters have ever done. (It will turn out that a few readers will write to you to scold you for allowing him to do those things, too.)

Since he is a secondary character, you let him develop as he wants and do what he wants. After all, it isn’t as if he is going to be one of your heroes, right?

By the end of the book, the answer to that question is not nearly as clear as it was when you wrote the first scene in which he appeared. For one thing, he has a sense of humor that you like. For another, he proves to be a great foil to the other men in the series. Finally, he has butted in enough that is becoming more important to the series. You are starting to find him and his unrepentant ways charming. He is fun. He made writing the book fun. You giggled away as you wrote his scenes.

In short, by the end of that book, he has become very vivid to you. It turns out that he has for readers too. As soon as the book is published, the emails start coming. “Oh, I really enjoyed this book. By the way, I sure hope that you plan one for that other guy!”

This is how the Duke of Castleford, the hero of Dangerous in Diamonds, insinuated himself into the series, and into my mind. Much as he interferes in his friends’ lives in Provocative in Pearls, and especially in Sinful in Satin, so also he kept inserting himself into my plans.
As soon as I realized that Castleford would have his own book, I had to decide with whom to pair him. It seemed to me that Castleford needed someone to take him to task a bit. Someone who would not swoon upon meeting him because she never swoons. Someone who sees his game very clearly, and calls him on it. Such a woman was in the series already---the cool, very collected, extremely composed Daphne Joyes.

There is a contest in Dangerous in Diamonds, one between two wills, between a man pursuing a woman who wants him but cannot have him. There is much more, however, and a good deal of self-discovery on both of their parts. Also lots of laughs, friends who watch with amazed fascination, danger and secrets, and a love that is deeply emotional and touching because it is, for one man at least, most unexpected. 

- Madeline Hunter

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