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Haywood Smith

Genre: Historical Romance

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I love meeting people at book signings, particularly people who dont
read those kind
of books.

When a shopper looks at my poster and frowns, I smile and ask if
she enjoys historical romances.

No, some are honest enough to say.
I only read best-sellers. I never liked history much in school.

Me neither, I respond. They always made history so boringjust a lot of names and dates and places. Yuk.

Yeah, they answer, smiling back, surprised that I agree with them.

I was lucky, though, I always explain. I read some historical romances by wonderful authors like Eugenia Price, Mary Stuart, Julie Garwood, Diana Gabaldon, Antonia Fraser, Victoria Holt, and Catherine Coulter. Those books showed me that real history is anything but boring; they gave me historical truth wrapped in wonderful storiestrue stories of passion, adventure, mystery and ambition.

My favorites are the tales about brave women who refuse to accept the restrictions placed on them by their cultures.

Those are the kind of stories I writestories that show people like you and
me working to find love, happiness and meaning in their lives.

Its a sad fact that womens issues havent changed that much in the last
few thousand years. So when I create
a fictional love story within the
historical realities of my books,
I focus on timeless issues to which
my modern readers can relate, such
as Anniques struggle to reconcile the physical and spiritual elements of
her nature in Shadows In Velvet;
Elizabeths brave efforts to heal
after surviving an abusive marriage
in Secrets In Satin; and Naras determination to hold onto love and
hope, even in the face of overwhelming darkness, in Damask Rose.

I strive to write fast-moving and fun
to read stories teeming with fascinating characters and universal truths.

takes place in the south of England during
the Crusades. Claire, a young widow, has been banished into a hostile world by her late husbands family. She finds refuge as an apprentice to a widowed healer whose only son left for the Crusades, never to be heard from again.

Though a special bond of affection develops between them, the widow, painfully aware of her increasing memory loss, is afraid Claire might leave when senility completely takes over. As a preventive measure, the widow claims to have secured Claires marraige to her son.

Things really start hopping when the hero, Palmer, comes home from
the Crusades broken in body and spirit, only to find a mother who no longer recognizes him and a wife hes never even heard of! Throw in a strong dose of sexual chemistry, then mix with the true-life unsolved murder of a king, and you have DANGEROUS GIFTSa dramatic blend of fact and fiction written especially for todays reader.

So even if you didnt much like history
in school, you might want to give my books a try. You wont be bored. I promise.

Write to Haywood Smith c/o
St. Martins Press, 175 Fifth Ave.,
New York, NY 10010.

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