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Don't ever let anyone tell you that gossip columns are a twentieth century phenomenon. After going through countless old Regency-era newspapers while researching my newest novel, THE DANGEROUS LORD, I learned there were a substantial number of trees killed in the early nineteenth century in the worship
of gossip. Even the London Times had
its share.

Reading all that gossip made me wonder what could happen if a woman wrote gossip--under a pseudonym, of course--about the wrong person. What if the gossip was just close enough to the truth to cause him serious trouble and make him lose the fiancie he needed to save his estate? And what if the gossipmonger--let's call her Miss Felicity Taylor--did it on purpose to prod her shy young friend into refusing to marry the man rumored to be a former spy, an adventurer and a seducer of innocents? Sparks would surely fly if he ever tracked her down.

THE DANGEROUS LORD explores what happens when a man who treasures discretion and privacy tangles with a fetching young woman who treasures truth and openness. Of course, I didn't guess this would turn into a battle of the sexes--or that they would have so much fun in the bedroom working out their opposing viewpoints.

But I do hope you enjoy watching the battle. I think I can safely say they enjoyed fighting it.

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