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A Dangerous Man

Richard Harris had seen better days. As much as I'd like to claim otherwise, that's what really struck me about the movie, "The Unforgiven." Not the cinematography, not the mythology, simply that "A Man Called Horse" had become "A Man Called Horse on the Way to the Glue Factory."

Poor English Bob. You remember him, Gene Hackman's character kicked the bejesuz out of him. I kept wondering what had led a sophisticated Englishman to the American West to become a gunslinger. The seed for a book was planted. But first I'd have to do a little recasting; Richard Harris just wasn't going to fit the hero's bill. Hugh Grant? No. Too vapid. Kenneth Branagh? Too wholesome. Ralph Fiennes? Yes. Definitely Ralph. Incredible lips, intense eyes.

Thus, Hart Moreland was born.

Now I know how English Bob ended up in the movie (messed up) and I didn't want that happening to Ralph-er, Hart. Also, I had a sacred obligation to all women to protect Ralph's fantastic bone-structure. I take those sorts of duties seriously.

I needn't have worried. Once the idea had taken seed, I only needed to transcribe the story flourishing in my imagination. It developed like this: Hart has bartered his only real talent-lightning reflexes-into a means of supporting his sisters back in England. After long years of gun slinging, he unexpectedly inherits a title. He returns to England set on using his position as Earl of Perth to arrange marriages for his sisters. But in order for his sisters to make spectacular matches, he needs to keep his past a secret.

When A DANGEROUS MAN starts, six years after Hart's return to England, his soul is definitely in jeopardy. This is a story about redemption, about choices and consequences. Because Hart had been a hired killer, he needs a whole lot of redeeming, and redeeming, of course, means love.

But who could love a dangerous, demon-ridden man like Hart? Only one person: Mercy Coltrane, the woman he'd once shot.

I'm not saying more except that there is nothing as soul healing as a smile and only a strong-willed heroine with an agenda of her own could crack the icy reserve around the Earl of Perth's heart.

I loved writing A DANGEROUS MAN. There is something provocative about a man balanced on the edge of damnation, a man willing to risk it all for love. Who wouldn't want one? Enterprising lass that I am, I've had temporary tattoos made, and if you will send an SASE to P.O. Box 828, Hopkins, MN 55343, I'll be happy to send you a tattoo that reads, "I want A DANGEROUS MAN."

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