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As a fledgling writer, Sharon Shinn aspired to, as she puts it, "write fantasy books that [romance author] Georgette Heyer might have written." What initially sounds like an unlikely declaration actually makes more sense than one might think.

"I spent my teenage years reading Regency romances and westerns," Shinn says. "I know that sounds odd, but both have a great deal in common with science fiction/fantasy. The books exist within a defined world where there are strict rules about behavior, where strong men and spunky heroines are the norm and where -- if the author has done her work right -- the reader can feel completely at ease in a wholly unfamiliar environment."

Relationships and passion are at the core of many of Shinn's opuses, and they play an integral part in the third installment of the medieval fantasy series Twelve Houses, Dark Moon Defender (Oct., Ace). The land of Gillengaria is overseen by an amiable king and 12 land owners who run the Twelve Houses. Recently, mystics and those practicing magic have been kept under close watch by the evangelical Daughters of the Pale Mother.

The novel follows the critically acclaimed Mystic and Rider and The Thirteenth House. "The focus shifts to Justin," Shinn says of her latest tome. A young, reckless King's Rider, he is assigned to "discover if the Daughters have been ravaging the countryside, hunting down mystics -- and if they have made an alliance with the rebel lords who want to overthrow the king."

Along the way Justin falls for a novice, which puts both of their lives in danger.

With book four on the way, Shinn has penned approximately 2,200 pages for the series. And with 15 titles (and growing), this is one bestselling author who's proven she's fledgling no more. -- Lauren Spielberg

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