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By day, she polishes manuscript drafts and plots storylines, writing lush historicals or page-turning romantic suspense. By night, she speaks to singles groups across the country, dispensing clever quips and dating tips. Hold the phone booth, Supermanromance author Lisa Jackson may well be the Wonder Woman of the singles scene.

A dating expert? Hmmm, she muses. Nah, Im not so much a dating guru as an observer of the dating scene in mid-life. My stand-up routine isnt exactly a comedy routine per se; its more a take-off on a mature romance author looking for love in all the right places. I give funny anecdotes about the absurdities in the dating scene and include my ideas on how to meet other people, what traps to avoid, and how to have fun with this very interesting time of life. Its still the same basic boy/girl game, although in my circle everyones sporting more wrinkles, less hair and more pounds.

When Lisas 25-year marriage ended unexpectedly in 1999, she was faced with the scary prospect of re-entering the dating world. Rather than cowering at home, she met the challenge head on, trying various ways to meet people. It was all very interesting. Things had changed since I was 19. Ive had some great experiences and some lousy ones, and I have a lot of funny stories, of course.

Her bold, humorous take on romance serves her well. On her website, which contains dating tips and a hero or zero? section, she offers nuggets of wisdom: Con artists and crazies usually show their hand if you give them enough time. If shes a little too interested in your financial status, or he insists you wear a tin-foil hat to protect you from alien death rays, trust your instincts and run.

Whats weird is that I actually love being single and believe me, I never thought I would say that. Im a real people person and writing is a lonely profession, so when Im not at the computer, Im trying to hook up with the people I care about.

Of course, Lisas fans are just as happy that she does spend
all that time on her computer. This month, Lisa releases the third novel in her Dark Jewels trilogy, DARK SAPPHIRE. When shes accused of a horrible crime, Sheena flees her home and stows away on the Dark Sapphire, where she meets the roguish Captain Keegan, with whom she has a connection that transcends time, a connection that hinges on one mysterious, cursed jewel. Most of the book takes place upon a medieval sailing ship, which I embellished a bit to make it more romantic. I made the ship larger and the captains quarters more elegant and roomier than most ships of the time. And it was a challenge for me to set the book on the high seas, let me tell you, as Im not much of a sailor myself. I couldnt wait for Sheena and Keegan to get off the boat and become landlubbers.

Each book in the series blends action/ adventure with a bit of mystery, a little intrigue and hints of the supernatural. In SAPPHIRE, Jackson also explored a new element. The clash of old religions versus Christianity is a fascinating subject, so I enjoyed creating characters who were not only conflicted about love, but about their faith as well.

Speaking of love, with all that experience telling heroes from zeroes (from her site: Hes a hero if his ego can handle losing an argument or a game of Monopoly to you. Hes a zero if hes so competitive, he cant even let you finish first in bed.), its no wonder Lisa creates great heroes for her novels. Keegan is a forceful, strong but conflicted character. Hes as tough as nails and willing to fight for what he believes in. Hes flawed of course, much too impetuous for his own good, she notes. I fell for Keegan right off the bat in the prologue of DARK SAPPHIRE, when he was in his teens. And in [my October 2000 release] IF SHE ONLY KNEW, the minute Nick Cahill walked onto the page with his three-legged crossbreed dog, I was in love.

Set in modern-day San Francisco, IF SHE ONLY KNEW is a contemporary suspense about Marla Cahill, a woman who wakes up from a coma to a life she doesnt remember. Shes married but has no feelings for her husband, she has a new baby she doesnt recognize and a teenage daughter who doesnt trust her. Even her name doesnt sound familiar, Lisa explains. Marla soon begins to wonder about the powerful attraction shes feeling to sexy, secretive Nick, her brother-in-law, and why shes sure the person behind her accident is still after her.

This winter, Lisa introduces three more unforgettable men with a trilogy for Silhouette Special Edition titled The McCaffertys. The first book of the series, THORNE, will be published in December with book two, MATT, and book three, SLADE, following in 2001. And under Lisas careful hand, there surely wont be a single zero among em.

I want to invite readers to check out and sign my guest book where I have a monthly drawing for free books. Also, if youd like a free Dark Sapphire postcard, please note it in the comments section, or write me at: 333 S. State St., Suite V # 308, Lake Oswego, OR 97034.

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