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Kelly Gay

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Hello RT Readers!

I’m very excited and honored to make my first Spotlight appearance. And since we’re making introductions…. I’d like you to meet the heroine of my urban fantasy series, Charlie Madigan, along with her partner Hank, a siren from the heavenly realm of Elysia. 

The Darkest Edge of Dawn, is the second installment featuring law enforcement officer, Charlie Madigan. Charlie is divorced, a single mom raising a preteen daughter while holding down a tough job with long hours. And even though she lives in a world where supernatural beings have integrated into our society, living and working among us, her life is pretty common in a lot of ways. She's not always the strongest, the smartest, or the most beautiful. She makes mistakes, wins as much as she loses, and sometimes her emotions get in the way. But one of my favorite things about Charlie is that her heart is in the right place; she’d give her last breath for those she loves. This aspect of normal within the paranormal was by design. My goal was to place someone like Charlie in a dangerous urban fantasy setting and see what complications arose. And, boy, were there complications!  

In this second book, Charlie must deal with some serious fall-out over her choices in The Better Part of Darkness, the first book in the series. She has family to protect, wrongs to right, and promises to keep. And now that her divorce is broaching the one-year mark, loneliness has set in, leaving her with some old feelings to deal with and newfound feelings to figure out.     

My other favorite thing about this series is writing about the male siren. Charlie’s partner Hank is a siren. Since there aren’t too many books out there featuring this particular species, I felt free to develop him without too many preconceived notions. This second book was especially fun to write because, due to events in the first book, Hank’s greatest siren power is caged, stuck within the voice mod he wears around his neck. Now, he’s moodier, more frustrated, and, according to Charlie, more dangerous than ever before—to criminals on the street and to her, as you’ll see in the excerpt…

Thanks for reading my introduction, and I hope you enjoy this little peek into The Darkest Edge of Dawn!

All the best,

- Kelly Gay 

The Darkest Edge of Dawn will be available in bookstores on August 31st. 

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