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Wonder why Alexis Morgan made such a splash with her "debut" novel? Maybe because she was already a seasoned novelist in the form of Pat Pritchard, a Zebra author best known for historical romances set in the American West. Those credentials certainly helped her make a seamless transition to
paranormal romances, beginning with last year's Dark Protector and Dark Defender, in which she created the world of the Paladin warriors, men not unlike the heroes of her westerns.

"The heroes in paranormals and the heroes in westerns have a lot in common because they expect to kill," says Pritchard, a St. Louis native who now lives in the Seattle area. "They're the ones riding out to face the attacking forces, yet they do so with honor and for the betterment of everyone else. You can write more of an alpha hero in a paranormal for the same reasons."

The tag certainly applies to Barak, who has a starring role in her July book, In Darkness Reborn (Pocket). From the dark world of the Others, Barak could save Paladin lives with his ability to predict earthquakes and volcanoes, but at a cost to his own people. That could make things sticky with his heroine, Lacey, a geologist who could use Barak's knowledge because her brother's a Paladin.

"Their goals are opposing each other, but they're fiercely attracted to each other, and hiding himself from her is really painful for him," Pritchard says about the third book in her series, which will be followed by Redeemed in Darkness in December.

She's under contract to Pocket for another four books, two in the Paladin series and two in a new paranormal series set in Seattle that centers on a thousand-year-old Viking. Pritchard must be doing something right, because the former para-educator won't be returning to school in the fall, she'll be a full-time novelist. And how ironic that she'll be producing the kinds of books she first set out to write in 17 years ago but couldn't sell.
-- Diane Snyder

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