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Darling Jasmine

When I wrote my article for RT #170, I had two series in the works with Kensington/Zebra. The first was The Glenkirk Chronicles, Book I of which, Darling Jasmine, is coming out in mass market in June, with Elaine Duillo's painting set in a gorgeous gold foil cover. The second series was to be Jasmine's Daughters, about India Lindley, Fortune Lindley and Autumn Leslie (who hasn't been born yet!). Bedazzled is already written and will be published next year.

I was a third of the way through Book II of The Glenkirk Chronicles when my editor at Kensington, Kate Duffy, realized that these two series were dove-tailing. Kate saw that if we didn't publish the two series in chronological order, the readers were not only going to be confused, but many of you were going to be highly annoyed. So clever Kate came up with what I think is a terrific idea!

We are combining all these books into a single series, to be written in proper order; and because all the people involved are descendants of the glorious Skye O'Malley, the series will be called Skye's Legacy. I hope you like the idea as much as I do.

Bedazzled will introduce you to a grown-up India, every bit as stubborn and passionate as her swashbuckling great-grandmother, Skye. In an effort to have her own way, India finds herself caught between two half-brothers, imprisoned in a harem, a great trial to her stepfather, Jemmie Leslie, whose only wish for his beloved stepdaughter is that she be married well and happily. Attaining that end will not be easy, as you will see.

And then it's off to Ireland to find a proper husband for that hoyden Fortune, who will prove as difficult as her older sister, but in a far different way. Practical Fortune will marry the right man, but the wrong brother, endangering everyone who is dear to her, and everything she possesses.

As for the third sister, well... Autumn isn't born yet, but she will prove every bit as interesting and formidable as her two older sisters, I promise you. After all, she is a Leslie of Glenkirk, and has not just one, but two magnificent ancestresses: Skye O'Malley and The Kadin herself.

Those of you who have read the trade edition of Darling Jasmine last year will want to know what happened to Jemmie and Jasmine's baby daughter, Janet Skye. I am sorry to tell you that she died shortly after of her great-grandmother of a childhood complaint. These things do happen.

So, my dears, until we meet again, I remain your most faithful author, Bertrice Small.

Write to me at: P.O. Box 765, Southold, NY 11971.

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