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The Dastardly Duke

Julian LeFevre is the perfect villain-cold, cruel and an inveterate seducer. He is a dangerous manipulator whose relationships with women amounts to many carefully calculated seductions-one right after another. Making this dangerous rake into a hero is the kind of challenge that keeps a writer up at night.

Julian deserves to lose, and lose he does-his woman, self-respect and nearly his life-in my October release, The Perfect Bride.

Tormented by a secret belief that his parents had never married, Julian knows he is not entitled to his great wealth and lofty title. He is living a lie and it is killing him.

With the dukedom and his very soul hanging in the balance, Julian vows to mend his ways. However, he cannot resist one last wicked wager to fool the ton by passing off a trollop for a lady. This woman could be his salvation-or his downfall.

Far from the biddable miss he thought he hired for the job, Hannah Gregory possesses a sharp tongue, a rebellious streak and the most wondrous gray eyes.

And she is deaf, the result of an accident when she had the temerity to climb a tree at the ripe old age of seventeen.

A musician who has not yet come to terms with her life's silence, Hannah is reduced to desperate circumstances. She needs money to pay for an operation that may restore her hearing, but she certainly does not need this disturbing duke with the devil's own eyes to help her.

There are all kinds of music in this world, from the music of Beethoven to music of the heart. As I struggled to write of Julian and Hannah's special song of love, I swear I heard the angels sing. I hope you do, too.

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