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Dates and Other Nuts

I was excited when Harlequin asked me to help launch their new Love and Laughter line, and I was doubly excited to be launching it with a fabulous author like JoAnn Ross.

What a delightful line it is! Today, with so many distressing social issues, it's a breath of fresh air to read purely entertaining stories. Written in the spirit of classic romance comedies, the Love and Laughter line is sure to be a huge success.

In my book Dates and Other Nuts, Temple and Craig are so intent on finding "Mr. or Mrs. Right" for each other, they fail to see that they are the perfect match. It takes several dates like the following to convince Temple. The night before, she had dated a man with a voice so loud it could peel paint off a wall. Tonight she's having dinner with a mumbler...

Dinner was a disaster. Steph's standing rib roast was lost in a sea of awkwardness as the four tried to carry on a stilted conversation. Temple was horrified when she realized she chewed louder than Jon talked.

Jon mumbled something again, and Steph, Scotty and Temple leaned forward in an effort to make out what he was saying. It was hopeless. It sounded like, "A brick wall shit in a water pail," but it couldn't have been.

Smiling, they nodded, pretending to understand when, in fact, they hadn't a clue what he'd said. Once it sounded as if he'd said "Grandma was a hooker," but Temple had to believe she was mistaken.

She could see Jon thought they were all stone-deaf and had severely limited vocabularies. "Huh? Excuse me? What?" was repeated so many times during the meal, Temple was embarrassed.

"Really? Your dog was hit by a car?" Steph asked once.

"No, I don'thaveadog. IsaidIgotanewsetoftires," Jon said.

"That's so sad." They all nodded, agreeing that the loss of one's pet was traumatic...

Around nine-thirty, Temple dropped Jon off at his apartment. He stood, cake in hand, looking rather forlorn at the failed evening.



"Ihadanicetime. Thankyou."

Temple nodded, smiling. "Sorry about your dog." Shifting into gear, she drove off.

Glancing in the rearview mirror, she saw Jon still standing in front of the gate as she merged into traffic. What she couldn't hear was Jon mumbling. "I don't have a dog. I said, tires. Are you guys deaf or something?"

I hope you'll pick up Dates and Other Nuts as well as JoAnn Ross' launch title I Do, I Do...for now. Put a little Love and Laughter in your life. I don't think you'll regret it!

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