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Historical Author Tracy Grant Makes a Big Comeback

Fans may remember author Tracy Grant from the late '80s and early '90s, when she penned a number of Regency and historical romances with her mom, Joan Grant, under the names Anthea Malcolm and Anna Grant. After her mother's death, Tracy went on to write three historicals solo: Shores of Desire, Shadows of the Heart and Rightfully His, the last of which came out in 1998. This month, Tracy returns with her first hardcover, DAUGHTER OF THE GAME, a meaty historical thriller.

The plot of the novel is a true hybrid of romance and mystery, that's being described as "very Victorian" and likened to the work of such heavy hitters as Anne Perryone of Tracy's own favorite writers. When the child of a wealthy Victorian family is kidnapped, his parents enter the dark underworld of London society to find him. "I've always been intrigued by stories that show the development of and conflicts within a marriage," explains Tracy. "But I knew that Melanie and Charles' story had an edgier, darker side that would work better in a thriller than in a romance."

The idea for the book percolated on the back burner for Tracy for many years, but a serious illness and death in the family combined with the heavy researching and new voice she had to establish meant it would take a little longer before readers would see a new novel from Grant. "I knew that this book was going to be very different from anything I had written before and that it would be easier to write the book and then try to sell it, so I took a deep breath and wrote the book without a contract (which was a little scary)," Tracy recounts. Still, the talented scribe needn't have worried, she sold the pub rights to Morrow in the U.S. and then Headline Books in the UK, and it will be simultaneously released in both countries this month. Tracy is already hard at work on two more books featuring these characters as well. So it's official: She's Baaaack!

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