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Jude Deveraux

Book Title: DAYS OF GOLD
Genre: Colonial/Revolutionary War, America, Scotland, Historical Romance

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Time for the Gold


We're always excited when one of our favorite authors has a new release, and this month Jude Deveraux returns with a new historical, Days of Gold (Atria). The book is set in Edilean, Va., which readers will remember as the setting for last year's contemporary romance, Lavender Morning. To whet your appetite for the new book, we asked readers to submit their questions for the author. Deveraux's answers -- and the scoop about her new, related Edilean novels -- follow.

How did you get into writing, and how do you feel when reviewers or readers do not care for one of your books? About 32 years ago, I had
an idea for a book that filled my mind. I thought that if I wrote it down, maybe it would go away. When I finished it, I sent it to a publishing house and they asked if they could publish it
and send me money. I thought, and do think, it was a wonderful way to make a living.

It hurts very much when readers write or say mean things about my books. Someone will write that she's loved all my books but doesn't like so-and-so. She will then write really nasty things about the book she didn't like -- and make hateful
personal remarks about me. I will check the website and
[see] that person didn't write a word about the books she
liked. The only way I can cope with this is to not read reviews
or website comments.

What do you like to write more, historicals or contemporaries? For years I've written just contemporaries but in Lavender Morning I wrote a historical section and rediscovered how much I love them. Since then I've written two novels and a short story set in the 18th century. As for which I like better, I have no answer. When a story comes to me, it's complete with setting and time. I just go with it.

Do you have any characters in particular that you'd love to revisit? I've written about characters I love a lot, but no, I don't want to go back and revisit them. I've recently started a new series that's set around a little town in Virginia. I've now written four books and a short story that was featured in
a vook (a new medium that intersperses videos throughout electronic text that can be read, and viewed, online or on an iPhone or iPod Touch) about this new family. I have many characters who
are on the sidelines who I plan to write about.

Will you be releasing more books in the next year, and will they be historicals or contemporaries? I have been writing seven days a week for over a year. As a result, I have two new historicals awaiting publication and one contemporary that is about three weeks from being finished. Days of Gold is about the couple who founded [Edilean] and the people who settled there with them. The
second historical, The Scent of Jasmine, is about the daughter of the original couple. The short story/vook, "Promises," is about the daughter of people in Days of Gold.
I've also written two contemporaries set in Edilean and they deal with the descendants
of the founders.

I plan to write more books and stories about these characters and Edilean. In The Scent of Jasmine, I fell in love with my heroine's brothers and want to write about them. In Scarlet Nights, the contemporary I've almost finished, I'm curious about a man named Colin Frazier, so I've been thinking about writing about him.

I love having this extended family to write about. I love getting to know the people. On the surface, they seem to have simple, perfect lives, but when I get there I see their problems, then work to fix them. My dream would be to show Edilean and its residents from 1766 to the present, with a book about each generation.

Which characters that you've written are your favorites, and which were harder to write? My favorite book is still A Knight in Shining Armor. I've found that books that have been difficult for me to write, because of the plot or characters, have sold less. The books that wake me up at 4am,
so I'm sitting in my nightgown and writing, sell better.

The characters I like are the ones who have a strong personality, like Kane Taggert in Twin of Ice. The less personality, idiosyncrasies and smart-aleckyness, the more difficult the character
is for me to write about.

Will there be any more Montgomery or Taggert books? No, there will be no more Montgomery or Taggert books.

Do you believe in reincarnation as presented in Remembrance? I do a lot of research for my books, and I love to learn things. Whether or not I actually believe doesn't matter. It's my character's ideas that are important.

What is your most important feature in a hero?
I've written about so many different men that I think what's most important is that he's mad for the heroine. I think romance is a man paying attention to a woman. Whether he
gives her a ride on his tractor or takes her out to a candlelight
dinner, it's all the same. Just so he pays attention to her. Stalking, etc., doesn't count.

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