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Lindsay McKenna

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Casey Cantrell, a recently graduated forest ranger, eagerly looks forward to putting her traumatic past behind her. Casey is the youngest of Clay and Alyssa Trayhern-Cantrell’s five daughters. This is a continuation of Morgan’s Mercenaries and touches upon the children of Morgan’s two siblings, Aly and Noah. Casey, unlike her other four sisters, wasn’t drawn to the military. Instead, she chose to go into forestry because she loved Nature so much. And by being assigned to the Tetons National Park, less than thirty miles south from world famous Yellowstone National Park, Casey thought her life would finally straighten out.

Matt Sinclaire, a lieutenant at the Jackson Hole Fire Department in Wyoming, was caught in a spiraling hell that held him captive. His wife was killed in an arson fire and Megan, his daughter of six survived, but was mute from the traumatic experience. He’s trying to get his daughter the right kind of help, but the last two years she’s never spoken a word. Besides the grief of losing his wife, being distraught over his daughter’s condition keeps him in a bleak, hopeless existence.  

Meeting Casey Cantrell changes Matt and Megan’s life, as well as her own. Only, the arsonist who took Matt’s wife, is still at large. And he is still wanting to get complete revenge by killing them, too.  

I utilized my three years of fire fighting experience serving the West Point Volunteer Fire Department as my backdrop for this novel. Having lived in a rural area, I know the challenges a fire truck and crew face in bad winter weather. I used this knowledge as the springboard for the plot of Deadly Silence. The stresses on a fire crew trying to reach a burning home and the back country roads turn to mud and mire, triple the challenge. There are times when a fire truck will bog down in mud and not be able to go any further; leaving the home to burn to the ground. It’s a sad situation, and no one’s fault. If the roads aren’t paved, then fire trucks risk getting stuck and not being able to reach their destination in order to save a family’s home. I hope you enjoy Deadly Silence.

- Lindsay McKenna

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