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The Deception

I mpecunious and Irish, Kate Fitzgerald's uncle traps Adrian Woodrow, the Earl of Graystone, into marrying her. At first Adrian thinks that Kate was a party to the trap, and his initial response to her after their hasty wedding is not tender.

An Excerpt:

You married the man, I told myself. What did you expect was going to happen?

I said, "I have told you I was sorry, my lord. I will do whatever you want me to do."

His eyes flicked to the bed behind me then back to my face. "Will you?" he asked.

My heart began to thud. The thought of going to bed with such an angry man scared me to death. I do not welsh on my bargains, however. I made myself as tall as I could and said baldly, "Yes."

It had been 12 years since I last wrote a historical novel set in the Regency period, yet when Jeanne Tiedge of Warner asked me to do one of for them, Kate and Adrian's story popped into my head as if it had been waiting to be written.

It is the story of two people who are brought together because of revenge and who turn out to have been the right people for each other all along. They don't learn this, however, until Kate's uncle's thirst for revenge has played itself out to its bitter conclusion and Kate's desire to discover the identity of her father's murderer has also been accomplished.

The Regencies that I did for Signet 12 years ago were more sensual than the more strict Georgette Heyer-type of drawing room comedy that comprise the genre, so I did not find the switch to a historical set during the Regency to be at all difficult. And I loved working in the first person. It allowed me to have lots of fun with my character's motivations.

Kate adores Adrian from the first, but she is always so conscious that he was tricked into marrying her that she fails to see that her sentiments are fully returned. Consequently she keeps doing things that mask her feelings from her husband and this in turn makes him mask his feelings from her.

In fact, about the only time they seem to understand each other is when they're in bed.

Love can do terrible things to people.

I had an enormously good time writing this book. The characters are among the most delightful that I have ever created. Kate, in particular, is an entrancing heroine. She is smart, funny, brave, loving and eventually she does finally 'get it'-that Adrian really loves her.

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