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Jonathan Kellerman

Genre: Procedural, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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I’ve been aware for some time that many  readers of crime novels also love romance novels.  I’ve also been treated with special kindness by romantic fiction fans and by RT readers, in particular.   I’d like to think it’s because I’m a romantic guy.  And sometimes my wife says I am.  After all, Faye and I met when we were kids – she was just 18 and I was barely  21.  We fell in love almost immediately (in my case immediately) made a secret pact to get married three months after our first date but didn’t inform anyone else for another year.  To say that our parents were surprised when we finally cued them in is a bit of understatement.  We got hitched at the ripe old ages of 19 and 22 and have remained happily hitched for 38 years, with four kids and two grandchildren to show for all that domestic bliss. And our youngest still finds opportunity to exclaim “Yuck!” when we engage in too much PDA (public display of affection.)

But all that personal stuff aside, I don’t think it explains the overlap.  Several years ago, I got to talking to a seasoned homicide detective who was a longtime fan of my novels.  Though flattered and gratified by his support, I asked why he, of all people, would read crime fiction.  Wasn’t it the ultimate busman’s holiday?  He smiled and said, “Jon, we get the bad guys sixty per cent of the time.  You get them a hundred per cent of the time.”

We live our lives reality-bound but reality isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.  So isn’t it nice that great books are able to liberate us from the banalities and frustrations of everyday life and transport us to alternate universes where things turn out inevitably right?  That’s not to say I believe in pat endings.  In fact, I do my best to avoid them and to endow the psychological exploration of crime and its aftermath with the complexity it deserves.  But in the end, the bad guy gets it.  Bigtime. 

The same, it seems to me, goes for romantic fiction.  All of us would like to believe in true love and some of us are lucky enough to find it.  But even the most successful relationship has its ups and downs and preserving love beyond the first blush of infatuation requires hard work and compromise.  So how nice that great books are able to liberate us from those realities and to imbue our lives with the happy endings we deserve.

Thanks to all of you for your gracious support and continued happy reading.

- Jonathan Kellerman

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