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Chloe Harris

Book Title: IN DEEP
Genre: Historical Erotic Romance, Erotic Romance

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Author's Message

As some of you may or may not know, Chloe Harris is really two people, Noelle and Barbra. Recently we sat down and talked about what we loved, and what was different, about our sophomore effort, In Deep.

Noelle: Hey Barbra, what in your mind, makes Connor such a great hero?

Barbra: He’s not only good looking, but he’s also romantic! That’s what I found so intriguing about him from the start. There’s this ruggedly handsome devil and he always puts Jaidyn’s interests first. As soon as he sees he’s done something that brightens her world (even in a small way) he’s happy. Of course, he’s not completely altruistic. Sadly, though, he’s got a quick temper.

Noelle: I totally agree, handsome devil is the perfect description. But Jaidyn is a great match for him. I really love how resilient and quick-witted she is. She’s fiery and smart even in the face of a desperate situation and a great match for all that Irish charm. Plus she’s got a temper of her own and a nice sense of humor too. One of my favorite humorous scenes was with Jaidyn and the deck hand aboard the ship. Did you like taking the story onto the high seas?

Barbra: Yes! At first I was shocked … gun-shy, really. I mean I’ve been on a ship … what … twice in my life? And I didn’t enjoy it very much. But then I started researching all those instruments and history (me a history geek) and I couldn’t get enough. Well, I may be just a stupid landlubber, but once we set sail (in the story), I really loved their adventure on the high seas. But why were you so keen on making their destination Georgetown, SC?

Noelle: I love the history of the Carolinas where I’m from and my husband and I had taken a wonderful anniversary trip to Georgetown complete with a stay in a beautiful haunted 18th century home aptly named The 1790 House. Georgetown is much smaller than Charleston but with a lot of the same charm. While we were there I bought a wonderful reproduction old city map that just happened to be hanging close by when I was searching for a port for the Coraal. Speaking of the Coraal and the Sirene, what’s the biggest difference you see between Jaidyn and Connor’s relationship and Emiline and Reinier’s from the first book, Secrets of Sin?

Barbra: I think Jaidyn and Connor know they belong together. They don’t want to see it at first, but they understand after the initial hiccups that they’re meant to be together. Secretly, I think they’re also convinced that the powers that be keep them apart out of spite. Emiline and Reinier do everything they can to deny that they belong together, because they have a history and in order to avoid past mistakes they make completely new ones! What difference in the stories did you enjoy the best, Noelle?

Noelle: I feel like Secrets of Sin was really a proof of concept for our foray into historicals. We’d tried writing other genres before and in Secrets of Sin we found our historical voice and concentrated on developing the characters the world they inhabit. But with In Deep, I really felt like we let ourselves and the characters loose onto the new playground we’d built. I think this story is a little more adventurous and the characters a little freer to go where they may. I’m really happy with the story and honored that it’s gotten some good reviews. I can’t wait to get the next installment out to readers with the Christmas novella coming next September.

- Noelle and Barbara, aka Chloe Harris


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